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I write both military history and historical fiction. The author royalties from my military history books go to military charities or, as in the case of Herbert Columbine VC,  towards the statue fund.

I keep any royalties from the historical fiction to help pay for the research into the military history, at least that’s the theory! So whichever you buy, you are still doing your bit to help a military good cause.

You will also find details of books I am currently working on and there is also a little information about me, if you’re really interested!

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Harold Sutton MM                      Biography – John Doubleday: Work

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   Garthorpe and Fockerby at War

Garthorpe cover

In August 1914, the small rural joined villages of Garthorpe in Lincolnshire and Fockerby in Yorkshire with a combined population of under 300, prepared to send their fathers, uncles, husbands, nephews, brothers and sons to war. By the end of the war over 60 men would have answered the call and 4 would have paid the ultimate price. The villages commemorated those who died on a plaque and also compiled a Roll of Honour of those who survived… At least those they knew about. Then, in 1939, the village once again sent its men to fight again, and many more answered the call. After the two world wars, like numerous other villages in Great Britain, Garthorpe and Fockerby remembered its men. This book is about those men, their sacrifices and their wars.


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