Hi and welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy browsing through the pages.

I write both military history and historical fiction. The author royalties from my military history books go to military charities or, as in the case of Herbert Columbine VC,  towards the statue fund.

I keep any royalties from the historical fiction to help pay for the research into the military history, at least that’s the theory! So whichever you buy, you are still doing your bit to help a military good cause.

You will also find details of books I am currently working on and there is also a little information about me, if you’re really interested!

You can contact me via Facebook or LinkedIn and Twitter @CaroleMcT or email me

All books can be found here CaroleMct Books on Amazon 




All 5 books in the Obsession series are now published and available to buy.

Next Military History with Pen & Sword:

A History of Coalhouse Fort. On Guard! – 555 Years.  Now available to pre order. Publishing date 30th April 2018

Next series of novels: Secret Lives – 6 books beginning July 2018  followed by Deadly Secrets 6 or 7 books

A History of Women’s Lives in Scunthorpe due to be published end of 2018/beginning of 2019

I have also written a Biography of John Doubleday in his book: Work

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