Lives Apart: A World War II Chronicle


An exciting new 5 part chronicle set in World War 2 and inspired by the story of Rifleman Ted Taylor and his fiancee Brenda Burge. Click on titles to take you straight to Amazon. Just like real life Lives Apart contains ADULT CONTENT – for over 18s only!

Published by GWL Publishing

Print1. Separation


While the Germans overrun Europe and threaten to invade Britain in the early months of the war the lives of several individuals and their families are changed forever.

Joe Price: A young soldier, newly called up and recently engaged, should be safe in Suffolk, but instead finds himself in France, fighting the Germans in the Battle for Calais.

Peggy Cooper: Joe’s fiancée and trainee nurse, faces the horrors of treating wounded men, returning from fighting in France, believing Joe is still safe in England.

Louis Servier: A young French soldier, initially keen to ‘do his bit’ but soon terrifyingly out of his depth and running scared.

Brigitte Fabron: Louis’ girlfriend, who he assumes will be waiting for him, but who has, in fact turned her attention to the occupying Germans.

Marcel Servier: Louis’ younger brother, sent away by his parents who fear for his safety, treks to the coast in the hope of safe passage to England. En route, he meets many new friends, some of whom have even more reason than him to fear for their lives.

Olive Cooper: Peggy’s cousin, working for the local council. Her only interest in life is her German lover, now forced to return to his homeland. Their letters keep them together and Olive delights in giving him all the news and gossip.

How will they face tragedy and uncertainty, not knowing what the future will bring and will they survive the heartbreak of Separation?

This is the first of a five part chronicle, telling the story of several individuals and their families through the Second World War.


978-1-910603-14-7_Change-frontcover-rgb-72dpi2. Change 


After the French surrender and the evacuation from Dunkirk, as the war progresses into the summer and winter of 1940, ‘Change’ continues the stories of several individuals and their families:

Joe Price: Captured by the Germans, Joe faces the hardships of a Prisoner of War camp, where he meets new friends but worries about those he’s left behind.

Peggy Cooper: Uncertain as to Joe’s whereabouts, Peggy continues to nurse the wounded, while befriending a student doctor, Chris.

Louis Servier: Having escaped the Germans and returned home, Louis is desperate to thwart the Germans and risks everything in his pursuit of revenge.

Brigitte Fabron: Torn between her love for Louis and her desire for the powerful German, Rolf Keller, Brigitte makes her choice and lives to regret it.

Marcel Servier: From training in England to fighting in North Africa, Marcel’s world is turned upside down, not by the war, but by the arrival of a simple letter.

Olive Cooper: Facing blackmail and ruin, Olive takes drastic action and thinks she’s overcome her worst foes, only to find a worse fate awaits her.

Pamela Lloyd-Smythe: Bored with her mundane roles in the war effort, Pam takes a chance and finds not only an exciting and dangerous position, but also love.

Having coped with the initial hardships of separation, the war now brings change – sometimes for the better, as new friendships are formed and loves established; and sometimes for the worse, as risks are taken and lives endangered.

This is the second of a five part chronicle, telling the story of several individuals and their families through the Second World War.



3. Love 

The hardships and deprivations of many months of war begin to bite hard for those at home and abroad, those fighting and in captivity. ‘Love’ continues the tale of ‘Lives Apart’, telling the stories of a group of individuals and their families:

Joe Price: Moved from one camp to another, Joe faces great dangers at the hands of a sadistic German guard, but his greatest worry comes in the form of a single letter from home, that could change his life forever.

Peggy Cooper: While facing the dangers of bombings and the loss of a dear friend, Peggy must also deal with her growing feelings for Chris and her guilt about Joe, leaving her wondering if she’s destined to face loss, loneliness and unhappiness forever.

Louis Servier: Having teamed up with Henri, Louis is now helping the resistance. He misses Brigitte, while accepting her choices, but then love re-appears in the most unexpected circumstances.

Brigitte Fabron: Abused by Rolf, Brigitte wonders whether she made the right choice in leaving Louis. She knows there’s no way back now, so looks for another way to make the German pay for his actions.

Marcel Servier: Desperate to turn back the clock, Marcel must accept the consequences of his actions and ‘do the right thing’, although in doing so, he knows he’s giving up the love of his life.

Olive Cooper: Having been forced into a new alliance, Olive faces a different series of dangers, but finds hope from a surprising quarter.

Pamela Lloyd-Smythe: Facing danger at every turn, Pam relishes her new position, but finds herself questioning her emotions and the meaning of love in war.

Jeanne Coultard: Following the death of her friend, Eve, Jeanne cannot escape the feeling that she’s being followed. Turning to her boss, Gabriel, for help, she finds herself falling in love and getting a lot more assistance than she bargained for.

With war comes separation, hardship and change, and this is no more felt than in ‘Love’, where relationships are tested to the limits.

This is the third of a five part chronicle, telling the story of several individuals and their families through the Second World War.


eception  4. Deception 

As the war enters its fourth year, the characters find that every aspect of their lives have changed and nothing is as they’d ever imagined it would be. ‘Deception’ continues the story of ‘Lives Apart’, featuring a group of individuals and their families as they face the hardships of war:

Joe Price: Facing uncertainty at home, Joe believes his only hope is to escape the camp and find his way back to England. In doing so, however, he puts himself and his friends in greater danger than ever.

Peggy Cooper: Having made the hardest decision of her life, Peggy settles down to a more peaceful life, only to find that more trouble awaits, and with it, the greatest loss of the war so far.

Louis Servier: Serving with the Maquis in the Pyrenees, Louis feels as though he has finally found his place in the war. Reminders of the past are never far away, though, and soon he risks everything to save the one he’s always loved.

Brigitte Fabron: Placing herself in danger has become second-nature for Brigitte, but soon she realises that there is more at stake than her own personal safety.

Marcel Servier: Promoted through the ranks, and happily married, Marcel is serving with Special Forces, when he receives the worst possible news.

Olive Cooper: Despite Dickson’s help, Olive continues to cause problems for those around her, her jealousy and drinking leading others into more trouble than even she could imagine.

Jeanne Coultard: Fearful of losing everything, Jeanne finds hope and ultimate safety from the most unexpected quarter. Will the rest of her family be as lucky?

Pamela Lloyd-Smythe: Now an established SOE operative, Pam thrives on the danger of her exploits. However, just as she’s allowing herself to really love again, betrayal comes from a most unexpected quarter.

As the characters progress through the hardships of their war, they discover that trust is one of the most valuable assets in any relationship and, when that fails, deception can cost dearly.

This is the fourth of a five part chronicle, telling the story of several individuals and their families through the Second World War.


Part 5 Retribution available to pre order early 2016, published 25th April 2016



Was previously published under the title The Cat & The Nightingale Saga which was written as a docu drama and based closely on the diaries of my in-laws.  This has been withdrawn as I have completely revised, rewritten and fictionalized it with lots of new material, including adult content. Although inspired by my in laws’ story the characters are now totally ficticious.