Lives Apart: A World War II Chronicle

 Lives Apart: A World War II Chronicle is inspired by the story of Rifleman Ted Taylor and his fiancee Brenda Burge.

The first book of Lives Apart: A World War II Chronicle, is called Separation and will be available in 2015 by GWL Publishing..

As the German blitzkrieg hurtles through Europe, Joe embarks for Calais to support the retreating troops. By the time he arrives though, Calais is surrounded and it seems only a matter of time before the Germans completely overrun the town.

Back in London, Joe’s fiancée Peggy has no idea he has even left the country. As the news from Europe worsens and the hospitals fill with wounded from the fighting, she is grateful Joe is safe in Suffolk digging ditches, especially as her friends have not been so lucky.

Peggy’s cousin Olive is also missing her fiancée but she has to keep him a secret and will do anything to protect their relationship.

Meanwhile, in France, Marcel’s world is turned upside down when his mother urges him to escape to England. He joins the growing numbers of refugees fleeing to the Channel ports and, along the way, makes new friends. They have their own reasons for escaping the Germans, but will they be too late?

His brother Louis is also trying to escape the Germans after the collapse of the French army. Other than himself, Louis’ main concern is for his girlfriend Brigitte.

However Brigitte is only concerned about earning enough money to escape south and she isn’t fussy how she does it.

Was previously published under the title The Cat & The Nightingale Saga which was written as a docu drama and based closely on the diaries of my in-laws.  This has now been withdrawn as I have completely revised, rewritten and fictionalized it with lots of new material, including adult content. Although inspired by my in laws’ story the characters are now totally fiction.